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Martin Du Plessis
About Martin Du Plessis and his books
About Martin Du Plessis and his books

When I set out to write I told my wife that there could be nothing easier than scribbling down a bunch of words and calling it a masterpiece. However thirty years later and scores of rewrites I’m still trying to get the bunch of words in their correct order.
I know my work is not perfect, but it is something millions threaten to do but never do --- write a book and now I have already written three.
At school I couldn’t understand why I had to learn history. All those dates the numerous Henries and Louis’ were mind-boggling. Geography on the other hand made sense. London, New York and Paris were places I longed to visit. But algebra, oh dear, now that was a total waste of time. The only geometric angles that I was interested in were to line up the rugby ball for a conversion or the amount of spin to give the cricket ball in a leg break. I thanked the Lord the day our currency was decimalised.   
“Appalling” my English literature teacher wrote across my exam paper. McBeth and all those other guys made no sense to me. Words like AND, BUT and THE were difficult enough to spell without having to think about Ph sounding like an f, or i before e except after c and then there are times it doesn’t work.Politics never interested me. “Lies is a language created by politicians,” my father constantly reminded me not to go into politics.
If Africa is foreign to you you’ll probably not understand some of the humour in my books. The black Zimbabweans in particular, are by nature, in their own way, very humorous. They have strong family values and are also loving, generous and hospitable. You’ve got to taste their steak. Oh and don’t forget the Sadza, grasshoppers, flying ants and Mopani worms.
The spelling of the kitchen language, Chi-la-pa-la-pa or Fun-i-ka-lo, words may vary from place to place and person to person but will in general be understood by those who speak it. English is now Zimbabwe’s first language therefore few use this language anymore.
My own dear mother died when I was four and a black man similar to the character of Jimu in my book Picannini mothered me for thirty years.
Oh Lord it sure makes one homesick.
God save Zimbabwe 

THE TWISTED CHASSIS - ON SALE NOW !! Click on the book picture
This Books is a true story, a man that had the displeasure of owning a Panel Beating business for eight years. In these long hard years he was often tempted to succumb to devious individuals offering "get rich quick schemes".

As he would not accomodate them he received less and less work and the little he did get he had to do at give away prices. In the end honesty cost him his business, home, furniture, cars and pride.

This novel will keep you glued to the pages from start to finish as it takes many unexpected turns.Dawie van der Heifer was born into an extremely poor family, the third eldest of twelve living children. His father, an alcoholic, and a mother who died giving birth to her umpteenth still born child. After running away from home he found work on a rich man’s farm and soon became the nymphomaniac wife’s lover and student, learning the ways of the world following her around the European houses of ill repute. Seeking a life of his own he returns home with a great deal of money and teaches his siblings what he had learnt from the French brothels. Together they turn their derelict farm house into a magnificent Spa attracting the rich from across the world.During this time Amanda Jooste and Andries van Aswegen, both rich and powerful people, have an affair and produce a child, Elizabeth. This causes their relationship to sour. Elizabeth, a naive clean living farm girl, never knew her true identity and when she dies in a Motor accident her Astral-being drifted around the universe for ten years looking for a cadaver into which she could be reincarnated. Amanda, Elizabeth’s mother, worked hard for the community but like the rest of them looked down on the van der Heifer’s. This perception she passed onto Elizabeth. The mortal remains that Elizabeth’s astral–soul chose to inhibit was unbeknown to her none other than that of Magriet the eldest of Dawie’s sisters. When she discovers this, and also who some of the clients are she is expected to service, things become a dilemma for the virgin Elizabeth.
PICANNINI - Now on sale
Paul Toela, a Rhodesian territorial soldier turned businessman turned anti-insurgent is christened ‘Picannini’ by his archrival, a giant of a black man. The paths of these two men are predestined to cross constantly and Paul finds himself caught up in a dangerous chain of events beyond his control. Civil war, terrorism and a ruined marriage send him scurrying off to Australia. There, fortune smiles on him and he realises where he wants to be --- at the top --- in Africa --- and married to the woman he loved.
He needed a ladder --- A human ladder --- He found several and climbed higher and higher trampling on those who would not let him through. Only one man stood defiantly in his path. The black giant he first encountered at the Lake Nyasa battle where he without prejudice christened the giant ‘Big Ape’.
PICANNINI will be released in early 2012..